Well, Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the blog world. My name is Nicole Dana. You may know me from — no wait, you might not know me at all. I am the owner and lead designer at the Paper Roo Company, a graphic design design house for well design. Our expertise lies in Packaging, Branding Materials and we even have a little nitch for Stationery with my lovely Marketing accomplice Amelia Fitzgerald (soon to be Mrs. Keller — Whoot!).

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I started this blog to give people a place to go and see what I am up to as a wickedly awesome chick and a designer.  If you know anything about me, then you know my hair is the color of eggplant and I am all over the map — I love to stress my longing for fonts, others design work, stupid people and my never changing goal, to move closer to water and deep snow. When I am not hooting about those things, I often find products and packaging that I absolutely LOVE and will sing their praises — so why not praise them on my blog? A fair warning! I’m also known for my brutally honest nature, and if I’m not into something whether it be a design, decor trends, food, a font, a pattern, a person or whatever, damn I’ll let you know! You will find all of the stuff I like and despise, personal stories, reviews, fotos, completely random musings, and more!


Diapers on, crayons in hand — I have always been and forever will be creative. Grew up in Pennsylvania, 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia and recently just purchased my first home with Ryan. Our home has grown with a two cats, a puppy and a Kelsie, my little sister. In late January of 2011, a year after we bought our house, we gave birth… no no… we adopted our awesome 7 week old Pitbull, Arria.  She is truly the best. Still a puppy, but not so small anymore — weighing in at 78lbs. A lot of energy and a few $1,000 later to replace the things she has chewed — I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

When I’m not working,you can find me playing ball with Arria, watching Bravo (i think I have an addiction to bravo. Sad, I know) or at the gym. A few months ago, I took up running. I am not very good at it by any means. I love to hate running. Sounds stupid, I know. Before I get to the gym, I whine about running. However, while I am running and afterwards I feel like a different person. It wouldn’t be able to do it without my Vibram Five Fingers. The best running buddies ever.

When I’m not spending time at the gym, watching tv or playing with the dog — I’m getting my hair done, buying beauty products and shopping for home decor at random shops around town. Most know me for my hair styles and makeup. My hair changes often, from bleach blond to purple. I absolutely love my hair dresser. Some would say I have a slight obsession with my hair and beauty products. A lot of the reviews on my blog, when not about design, will be discussing products or designs I either like or very much dislike. I maybe a sucker for buying a book because of its cover as well as a bottle of root lifter because of the design, but if it is crap — It will go back!

A little fact. Number one cause of fights between Nicole and Ryan? Taking too long to do my hair! — BUT, it always looks good and EVERYONE makes a comment about it when we are out. I think at times, he gets rather annoyed. I just laugh.

Over the years, people have asked me so many questions about the hair products I use, how I apply my make up, where I adopted my sweet Arria from — so I figured why not start a blog to not only promote myself and my design work, but also other local businesses and the great and not so great products out there on the market.

Love, Design and Bouncy Balls – Nicole

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