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February 21, 2013 in 360 Design, Everything Else

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Chocolate Dream

February 20, 2013 in 360 Design, Package Design

CHOCOLATE MONSTER  |  The only career path in the world that is not only fun, but it requires massive amounts of actual ‘product’ to complete the job — to bad I don’t eat chocolate!

Ashers, Ashers Chocolates, Asher's, Chocolates, Asher's Chocolates, Package Design, Asher's Package Design, Asher' Design, Souderton, Chocolate Souderton, Packaging, Coco, Candy, Easter, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate

Moms. Moms who are not boring. Designer who wants to help!

January 6, 2013 in 360 Design, Life, Typography

Baby Aboard Vinyl Car Decal, Decal, Baby Decal, Baby A Board Decal, Vinyl, Vinyl Decals, Vinyl Car Decals

Baby Aboard Vinyl Car Decal – BOB002

I’m not a mom just yet, however, as a designer I absolutely HATE those suction cup window hangers that say “BABY ON BOARD” with the horrific baby clipart. Someone, at some point, needed to class this sign up. Which is what I did! The Baby and Board is a white vinyl (it is displayed as black – so you can see it :)   The pink letters can be purchased as the displayed hot pink, blue, orange, or lime green.

Regardless of what you are driving, now you can have a cool decal on your car. These are a vinyl, which means you adhere it to the out side of the car window. It only makes sense to apply it to the back of the vehicle. Make sure you clean the outside of the window, with windex, prior to applying the decal. I would suggest cleaning it a few times. Apply one side of the decal while rubbing it down slowly with a credit card edge. Note: If you apply a small amount of windex and apply the decal over it, you will be able to move it around to reposition. If you apply it dry, it will be difficult to remove to reapply.

A few things: I have a limited size of these decals. They are made to order. Once I run out of vinyl, I will need to order more. That being said… depending upon when you order yours, it  make take some time for me to order more materials if I have run out. I will let you know, when we chat via email, how much is left in inventory. If you are interested in purchasing one of these for $8.99 email me.

NOTE: Colors of vinyl may differ slightly from the color shown on screen. Dimensions listed below are approximate dimensions only.


And now for our little furry friends! Doggy’s have mommy’s too!

Woof! Dog Aboard Vinyl Car Decal, Vinyl, Decal, Dogs, Pets, Car, Dog Decals

Woof! Dog Aboard Vinyl Car Decal -BOB001




Simple. Fuctional. Cartons.

December 11, 2012 in 360 Design, Package Design

I’ve recently Folding cartons, structural design, design, graphic designer, nicole, nicoledana, dana, SBS, gusset, box, boxes, folding, cartons, cartonhad the opportunity to work on a new structural design for a company in Road Island who specialize in prenatal vitamins. Most women, even if you do not have children of your own, know that most prenatal vitamins are like horse pills and can be daunting to swallow. This company has formulated a powdered supplement that the ‘mommy to be’ will mix in 12oz of water. Their product ingredients are all nutrients that have been approved by the FDA and best of all, their customers love the taste!

Initially, their structural design was Partial Seal End with a locking tab on 16PT SBS board stock. Wanting to give their product a new look, I worked diligently to come up with a structure that not only is more unique on the retail shelf, but also has a decent amount of real estate for branding. With samples of their product, I was able to design them a gusseted box using 14PT SBS Plus. This particular board stock is much softer, with a lower pulp content, which will allow more flexibility to the carton when bending at the folds and cut scores in the gusset.

Needless to say, the structure of a carton is very important to the end user. At the end of the day, user friendly cartons and proper functionality is something that I strive to accomplish everyday.

Freezing. Dedication.

November 9, 2012 in 360 Design, Vinyl

Cold day in PA last Saturday. Spent the morning lettering my bro’s truck for his landscaping company. Having the ability to cut out vinyl at home is incredibly convenient. We aren’t finished yet, but it’s a start.

Steve Dana Landscaping & Hardscaping. Give him a shout if you are in the marketing for some outdoor improvements. 610-342-5776

steve dana, lawn care, grass cutting, hardscaping, rock wallSteve Dana Landscaping & Hardscaping, steve, dana, steve dana, grass, grass cutting, lawn care, lawns, hardscaping, rock wall


Ride the YUNK

October 9, 2012 in 360 Design

seventy6east, gear, apparel, philadelphia, limited apparel, limited gear, manayunk, pennsylvania

About Our Gear

Limited Apparel by seventy6east is premiering this Saturday at The Wall Cycling Studio in Manayunk, PA for the 1st Annual Outdoor Spin Class. Gear printed by seventy6east is limited and can be found at The Wall — Our production runs are very small and sell out quickly! We take pride in our gear designed by Owner, Nicole Dana and are honored to see people wearing it. We will never mass produce and we are excited to know only a limited amount of people will be wearing our gear. Once a design is sold out we — will be on to something new! Under very rare circumstances will run off a design for a second time. Ride the YUNK shirts can be purchased for $25 (registered outdoor spin participants $23) this Saturday, October 13th at The Wall Cycling Studio, located in the heart of Manayunk.

Nicole Dana
Owner, seventy6east

Manayunk, Cycling, Biking, Bike, Riding, Fitness, Spin, Studio, Apparel, fitness apparel, cycling apparel, shirts, gear, limited, limited gear, limited apparel, the wall cycling studio, philadelphia, screen printing, nicole dana

About The Wall Outdoor Spin Event

The bikes will be taken out of the studio and set up across the street to the Levering Street lot — 3 great sessions are planned and we are expected to have wonderful weather! Proceeds will benefit North Light Community Center and friends from Philly PAWS will be there for adoption. For your donation of $30.00, participants will receive a free class pass, Wall Cycling Studio cinch bag and other goodies inside.

Come enjoy the live music, free food and prizes that we will be giving away all day long. Meet our instructors and come learn more about spinning! This is an incredible workout and is perfect for all levels of riders!
To reserve your bike:
Please visit
Click “Schedule” at the top
Choose the “Events” tab at the top of the page and enter your information to choose from 1 of the 3 sessions!
Class times are at 11:15, 12:30 and 1:45 and are 45-minutes long! Any questions, please contact
Can’t wait to ride with you!
Juliet Sabella
Owner, The Wall Cycling Studio

Cycling. Fitness. Gear.

October 5, 2012 in 360 Design

I was so honored when I was asked to design a logo for The Wall Cycling Studio, Manayunk’s first premier indoor cycling studio, earlier this year. Owner, Julie Sabella, is solely dedicated to her customers — classes taught by the best instructors and a place to go and relax while getting a fabulous workout. Her vision — to give her clients that small mom and pop hometown feel where you are always treated like a VIP the moment you walk in the door.

Together, Julie and I,The Wall Spin Studio, Manayunk, Pennsylvania, Apparel, Spin, Limited, Exculsive, PA, Philadelphia have spent many hours discussing her over all vision as well as the future for The Wall. The logo was my first hurdle. Honestly, I cant even say it was a hurdle. Every designer gets a bit nervous at the start of a project. Am I going to deliver exactly what the client is looking for? At the end of the day, I can love what I do, but if the client doesn’t — its back to the drawing board. Without hesitation, I felt the right direction and got to work. Months later, the client and I are both overwhelmed with compliments and the push for cycling apparel.

seventy6east, gear, apparel, philadelphia, limited apparel, limited gear, manayunk, pennsylvania

With such a demand for apparel,The Wall has partnered with me to create a limited line of gear that will be sold in select stores as well as through our up coming website. We have taken a different approach to the apparel industry — We are not interested in mass producing our gear. The gear is made in limited quantities and unique to the industry. We want to be known for our designs and who we are. Thus seventy6east was born. There is a certain pride and excitement that comes when I see someone wearing my gear. We want that to shine through our customers and supporters.

Next Saturday, October 13 we will be premiering our first line of seventy6east tees at The Wall Cycling Studio — Manayunk PA Levering Street. *There is a very limited supply of shirts for purchase. Check us out and watch for the launch of our website.

Nicole Dana

Owner, seventy6east



Paper Queen

August 3, 2012 in 360 Design, Package Design, Stationery

I just got my swatch books of paper in the mail yesterday from my new paper peeps. Uggh. I’m in love. Thanks to my good friend Chris Garofalo over at Quiltface Studios hooking me up with the connection. I can’t thank him enough! They have some really beautiful colors and excellent paper weights. The paper weight has been key for me – Muscletone is the shit and is very much who I am. I have been searching for a heavy enough stock to handle my candle table lanterns as well as my favor boxes… and Wah-La!

paper roo, nicole dana, graphic design, package design, marketing

Earlier this month I invested in some new embossing stamps for the Paper Roo Co. As always, I hit up the store for a specific thing and what happens? I walk out slowly, holding up others behind me, while I review the receipt in my hand trying to figure out what the hell I just purchased — 4 hours later and $200 in the hole — I never actually buy find what I initially went there for, doh! On the flip side, there is a ri-donk-ulous amount of stamps to choose from — I just could not decide which ones to get. Organic whimsical themes are really trending this year in the stationery world. I found these really intricate bird and butterfly stamps that fit that earthy feel very well. Of course, I couldn’t pass up the “True love Forever Together” stamp. I absolutely love that warn stamped look.

Paper roo, nicole dana, design, stationery, stamps