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February 21, 2013 in 360 Design, Everything Else

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Career Women Now?

August 29, 2012 in Everything Else, Life

I have been in the working world for 11 years now and I just purchased my first leather portfolio for meetings. Makes me laugh a bit. All the years I worked in the corporate world, I refused to conform into the corporate douchebag (trust me, there are lots of those around the halls). I admit, I rebelled a bit. I would not become one of those stuffy individuals walking around like I was important. No one is important, everyone is disposable in that world. Here I am, not stuffy by any means, but I needed a place to put my things for when I go to meetings. Of course, I must have one with a zipper or I would be that girl standing up to leave and drop my papers all over the floor. The other feature important to me — I don’t want one that everyone else has. The green suited me just well. Its made by Pierre Belvedere, but I ordered it from Amazon for $36.95 and it was here in two days!

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