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January 20, 2013 in Life, Package Design, Products

Eye Treatment Products, Eyes, Wei, Wei East, Wei-East, Eye Products Wei-East, Skincare, Skin, Package Design, Nicoledana, nicole, dana, packaging wei east nicole,The Advance China Herbal™ Intensive Herbal Eye Treatment Pads product review

Wei East – The Advance China Herbal™ Intensive Herbal Eye Treatment Pads

Eye Treatment Products, Eyes, Wei, Wei East, Wei-East, Eye Products Wei-East, Skincare, Skin, Package Design, Nicoledana, nicole, dana, packaging wei east nicole,The Advance China Herbal™ Intensive Herbal Eye Treatment Pads product review

Eye Treatment Pads by Wei East

As we get older it becomes more challenging for our families to buy each other gifts; whether it be for birthdays or special holidays. As we grow into ourselves and become independent individuals, in a sense, we grow apart. This has been an ongoing challenge for my step-mom. Not seeing the struggle that she goes through every Christmas, but completely understanding when she says “I just don’t know what you guys like anymore. Everyone is getting older, its so hard to find gifts that you will all appreciate.” I myself have struggled with those same issues when purchasing gifts. This past Christmas she bought me a few of the Wei-East products from HSN. I have to say I am head over heels in love. I took the time to do a little bit of research about the Wei-East Company. – Truly inspirational, Wei-East focuses on traditional Chinese remedy’s. Partnering with HSN in 2002, their products are infused with collections of more then 100 of natures best herbs based on authentic Chinese Remedies, that have been passed down from generations, to help maintain skins vitality and youthful appearance.

One of the many things that is very important to me is my sleep — It needs to be a number one priority for a healthy life. Working long hours and getting to sleep late really shows in my eyes the next morning. The Advance China Herbal™ Intensive Herbal Eye Treatment Pads erases puffiness in my eyes and leaves me with a fresh peppermint cooling sensation. The ancient herbal formula helps replenish the skin giving quick results to dark circles. With a price tag of $29.00 you can purchase this product from the site or HSN. Some of Wei’s products can also be found on

Eye Treatment Products, Eyes, Wei, Wei East, Wei-East, Eye Products Wei-East, Skincare, Skin, Package Design, Nicoledana, nicole, dana, packaging wei east nicole,The Advance China Herbal™ Intensive Herbal Eye Treatment Pads product review

Wei East – Package Design

Not only am I impressed with the product, but also the simplicity of the packaging. As a Package Designer in the retail industry, I really try to focus not only on simplicity, but re-useability. I personally love to keep my products in their original boxes. It just makes storage and organization easier for me. The Eye Treatment box is just that, re-useable! When I design a package, I try to shy away from “glued” machine erected cartons. Why? Just like products on the market such as Advil, you need to tear the box in order to get to the product. With Advil it doesn’t so much matter that the box will be torn, however, products that consist of multiple pieces that you want to keep together, its convenient to have the box for easy storage. The Eye Treatment box is tapered in the back and locks inside of itself leaving it easy to close when you are finished using the products.

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Golden Root Renewal™ Daily Restoration Wear

Another product I was smitten by is the Golden Root Renewal™ Daily Restoration Wear. Regardless of the season, I tend to always have very dry skin. The Daily restoration Wear helps smooth and soften the skin while still giving it a firm tight feel. Once you cleanse your face with the saturated pads, the concentrated serum is to be used to help improve and regulate the skins natural cell turnover rate. Just use 2 small drops of serum on the cleansing pad. Once the skin has dried you can continue with your daily morning routine. For $39.00 your skin can feel fresh and rejuvenated every day!

Never being a person for daily skincare routines I must say, Wei East products, from now on, will now be a part of my mornings!


artwork. ikea.

January 17, 2013 in Life, Products

20130116-141137.jpgThe other night I felt the need to get organized. I decided to take a trip to Ikea with my favorite little buddy/kid/sister a girl could ask for. Very excited to handout Mia and I hopped in the car and headed on over to shop. I found some really cool bins to hide cables and such on the book shelf in our living room. $5 per bin. Can’t beat it!ikea, art, painting,, nicole, dana, nicoledana, products

Browsing through the best part of Ikea we came across the wall decor. Never have I really been a huge fan of their artwork, however, I found this awesome piece. Part of the flowers were drawn on the white back board while the others were painted directly on the glass giving it a fantastic 3D affect. Over all it was a great day well spent. We left Ikea, met Ryan at Qdoba and the headed off to target to get hairbands, kid shampoo and of course the Justin Bieber magazine.



Perfect Brew. Breville Tea Pot.

December 31, 2012 in Products

Breville, Tea Pot, Tea, Pot, Brew, Perfect Brew, Brewing, Brewing Tea

Breville One-Touch Tea Pot

Lets talk about a really cool product. Not only is it cool, but I own one – thanks to my love. The Breville One-Touch Tea Pot, which of course you can buy on the ever famous and fabulous, is just that – amazing. My new office is lacking in ways to make a proper cup of tea, which is why one of these cool revolutionary pots fell into my hands! One of my biggest pet peeves in the tea making process was the temperature, which I could never get right, and the time. Who has the time to watch a clock? With my busy schedule at work, I really don’t have the time to babysit time. The Breville Pot does it all for you. Program the temperature for tea and how long you would like it to steep. The pot does the rest. The fully automated tea basket moves down, then up, gently agitating the leaves to infuse your tea. Different types of teas very, such as Black and Green tea. Each type of tea requires the exact water temperature and brew time to allow the flavors to develop properly. Sounds ridiculous, but once you taste a cup of tea that has been brewed properly, you will gain a whole new respect. The Breville is fully programmable for all types of teas, water temperature, and time. Having the moving tea basket allows the water to circulate freely to achieve proper infusion of the tea leaves. Of course, this product comes with a hefty price tag of $250, but I have to say it was worth every penny if you love to drink tea!



October 26, 2012 in Life, Products

Beginning of this month the boy and I went on vacation. We boarded a ship at Port Canaveral and set sail for Half Moon Cay…

more about my vacation later… there is a good story here… I promise…

Salon, hair, spa, violet, nicoledana, hair productsWhat is Avalanche? Its a super cute salon located in the small town of Trappe, PA. I bring up my vacation because while we were on the ship, getting ready to play a mean game of bingo, I was standing in line and a lady in her late 40s tapped my shoulder. With her Southern accent she asked me, “ma’am where do you get your hair done?” I was caught completely off guard. I’m sure I looked like a total moron with my blank stare. As I stood there, I thought to myself, we are 1500 miles away from my home in Trappe PA and I have no idea what to say, so I just came out with it… “well I am from PA.. so I get my hair done at a salon down the street from my home, about 30 minutes out side of Philadelphia.” She laughed and said “Oh i thought you had it done here on the boat.” She complimented how flattering it was and was really hoping that her daughter [sitting next to her] could get her hair done, just like mine. She said “I have never seen such a beautiful cut and the color is just amazing.” We both chuckled and continued chatting…

Everyday of my life, at least twice a day, someone, regardless of where I am or what I am doing, comments on the beauty of my hair.

A little about the salon and the chick who is responsible for the cut and color: Avalanche Salon & Spa

The salon and spa is located in the heart of Trappe, PA in a 200 year old historic building on Main Street. With its rustic decor and Colorado Ski lodge accents, Avalanche is very different and innovative. Owners, Stephanie and Sal, have created a very relaxing environment that stands out from your everyday high-end salon. Each hair dresser attends trainings to help keep up with the ever changing industry trends. The amount of knowledge at Avalanche sets them apart from the rest of the salons in the area.

My hair is cut and colored by no one other then Stephanie herself. She carries her own line of shampoos and conditioners, forHair products, volumizer, avalance, salon, spa, hair various hair types, that keeps your hair shiny and beautiful. For the last six months, I have been getting my hair colored a beautiful violet with platinum blond highlights. Initially, I was a blond. Never wanting to take the leap and become a brunette. With Stephanie’s experience and in depth knowledge of hair color, I took the plunge. I am so happy I took her advice. The violet compliments my skin tone and really fits my personality very well. I will never go blond again.

As I mentioned previously, Avalanche, launched their own line of shampoos, conditioners as well as styling products, for both men and women, a year ago. The shampoo for color treated hair is awesome. I use it as well as the  the volume infusion and I love them! My hair is extremely soft and full. With the growing success of the haircare, Stephanie decided it was time to launch her line of make up — BASH!  BASH as well as Good Girl & Bad Boy haircare products are sold exclusively in the salon.

Everyone always asks about money. How much do you pay for your hair? I’m sure its very expensive? Most high end salons are out-ragiously priced and rarely offer deals. Avalanche is reasonably priced and also offers a loyalty card with a point system. I have saved so much money using this card, its absolutely insane not to use it.

If you are looking for something fresh, something new or just a change from your everyday look — this is the place to go. With so many other salon services such as massages, waxing, facials, make-up application, body treatments, nail services, massage services, and Skye Boutique for all your trendy shopping needs, there is no need to go anywhere else.

Contact: Stephanie 610-489-2049

Mention this blog or Nicole Dana and receive 10% off your first service at Avalanche. (Note: Promo is for new customers only!)

Typography Decor

August 8, 2012 in Products, Typography

Typography. When done well — it really does make the design. I love the intricacies of the letters and how they are formed. If you have an eye for it, then you would understand my love. I found this poster online done by Julian Hansen. It is offset printed on 80# Uncoated Black Stock with silver metallic ink. I love the concept behind it and felt it was very appropriate for my office. If you want to pick one of these up you can go to the Felt & Wire Shop’s online store.

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FedEx is here — Presents!

August 7, 2012 in Products

I love ordering myself presents and forgetting that I placed the order. Its like Christmas in the Summer :)

Last week Ryan and I were browing MicroCenter for things I’m sure we don’t need — as always. While he was looking in the geeky section, I decided I needed a new laptop bag. After searching high and low I found a bag I really liked, but wasn’t willing to spend the dough. $89 dollars is a little much for a brand I never even heard of.

Later that day I remembered I really wanted this hot pink incase sling bag. I googled for an incase coupon code and sure enough — wah la!  I ordered this bad boy with my 30% off coop. Not only is it really cute, but super functional. It has a place for my 15″ MacBook Pro, my iPad and all of my cables. My iPad even has the Logitech keyboard attached and it still fits! Speaking of Logitech keyboard — Best $80 ever spent. I dont have to lug around a blue tooth keyboard. It hold the iPad up right when you are using it and travel is super simple; it snaps right on my iPad and protects the screen. How can you go wrong?

nicole dana, graphic design, products, incasenicole dana, graphic design, products, incasenicole dana, graphic design, products, incase