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January 6, 2013 in 360 Design, Life, Typography

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Baby Aboard Vinyl Car Decal – BOB002

I’m not a mom just yet, however, as a designer I absolutely HATE those suction cup window hangers that say “BABY ON BOARD” with the horrific baby clipart. Someone, at some point, needed to class this sign up. Which is what I did! The Baby and Board is a white vinyl (it is displayed as black – so you can see it :)   The pink letters can be purchased as the displayed hot pink, blue, orange, or lime green.

Regardless of what you are driving, now you can have a cool decal on your car. These are a vinyl, which means you adhere it to the out side of the car window. It only makes sense to apply it to the back of the vehicle. Make sure you clean the outside of the window, with windex, prior to applying the decal. I would suggest cleaning it a few times. Apply one side of the decal while rubbing it down slowly with a credit card edge. Note: If you apply a small amount of windex and apply the decal over it, you will be able to move it around to reposition. If you apply it dry, it will be difficult to remove to reapply.

A few things: I have a limited size of these decals. They are made to order. Once I run out of vinyl, I will need to order more. That being said… depending upon when you order yours, it  make take some time for me to order more materials if I have run out. I will let you know, when we chat via email, how much is left in inventory. If you are interested in purchasing one of these for $8.99 email me.

NOTE: Colors of vinyl may differ slightly from the color shown on screen. Dimensions listed below are approximate dimensions only.


And now for our little furry friends! Doggy’s have mommy’s too!

Woof! Dog Aboard Vinyl Car Decal, Vinyl, Decal, Dogs, Pets, Car, Dog Decals

Woof! Dog Aboard Vinyl Car Decal -BOB001




Typography Decor

August 8, 2012 in Products, Typography

Typography. When done well — it really does make the design. I love the intricacies of the letters and how they are formed. If you have an eye for it, then you would understand my love. I found this poster online done by Julian Hansen. It is offset printed on 80# Uncoated Black Stock with silver metallic ink. I love the concept behind it and felt it was very appropriate for my office. If you want to pick one of these up you can go to the Felt & Wire Shop’s online store.

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