Finding Zen

September 5, 2012 in Life

Last night, I decidedYoga to stop being lazy and get to yoga. Between my shoulders into my neck has really been bothering me the last week. I’m sure I am a little stressed (who isn’t), the dog pulled me down last week (pitbull + 80 lbs and a retractable leash = faceplant) and I know, over the years I have slumped into pour posture. These are all, without a doubt, contributing factors, but I figured I would start out somewhere.

Only my third class, but I am in love. MOYO in Skippack is such a great place. The people are awesome, prices are reasonable, the instructors are incredibly helpful and truly love what they do. To have an instructor that I can connect with is important for me. Being a very high strung person, environment is everything to help me relax. The room is very cosy — candles, plants and relaxing music.

Overall – A relaxing evening. Before bed I put cooling gel on my back and neck. Woke up feeling much better.

Now to fix that posture…