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October 5, 2012 in 360 Design

I was so honored when I was asked to design a logo for The Wall Cycling Studio, Manayunk’s first premier indoor cycling studio, earlier this year. Owner, Julie Sabella, is solely dedicated to her customers — classes taught by the best instructors and a place to go and relax while getting a fabulous workout. Her vision — to give her clients that small mom and pop hometown feel where you are always treated like a VIP the moment you walk in the door.

Together, Julie and I,The Wall Spin Studio, Manayunk, Pennsylvania, Apparel, Spin, Limited, Exculsive, PA, Philadelphia have spent many hours discussing her over all vision as well as the future for The Wall. The logo was my first hurdle. Honestly, I cant even say it was a hurdle. Every designer gets a bit nervous at the start of a project. Am I going to deliver exactly what the client is looking for? At the end of the day, I can love what I do, but if the client doesn’t — its back to the drawing board. Without hesitation, I felt the right direction and got to work. Months later, the client and I are both overwhelmed with compliments and the push for cycling apparel.

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With such a demand for apparel,The Wall has partnered with me to create a limited line of gear that will be sold in select stores as well as through our up coming website. We have taken a different approach to the apparel industry — We are not interested in mass producing our gear. The gear is made in limited quantities and unique to the industry. We want to be known for our designs and who we are. Thus seventy6east was born. There is a certain pride and excitement that comes when I see someone wearing my gear. We want that to shine through our customers and supporters.

Next Saturday, October 13 we will be premiering our first line of seventy6east tees at The Wall Cycling Studio — Manayunk PA Levering Street. *There is a very limited supply of shirts for purchase. Check us out and watch for the launch of our website.

Nicole Dana

Owner, seventy6east



Finding Zen

September 5, 2012 in Life

Last night, I decidedYoga to stop being lazy and get to yoga. Between my shoulders into my neck has really been bothering me the last week. I’m sure I am a little stressed (who isn’t), the dog pulled me down last week (pitbull + 80 lbs and a retractable leash = faceplant) and I know, over the years I have slumped into pour posture. These are all, without a doubt, contributing factors, but I figured I would start out somewhere.

Only my third class, but I am in love. MOYO in Skippack is such a great place. The people are awesome, prices are reasonable, the instructors are incredibly helpful and truly love what they do. To have an instructor that I can connect with is important for me. Being a very high strung person, environment is everything to help me relax. The room is very cosy — candles, plants and relaxing music.

Overall – A relaxing evening. Before bed I put cooling gel on my back and neck. Woke up feeling much better.

Now to fix that posture…


Career Women Now?

August 29, 2012 in Everything Else, Life

I have been in the working world for 11 years now and I just purchased my first leather portfolio for meetings. Makes me laugh a bit. All the years I worked in the corporate world, I refused to conform into the corporate douchebag (trust me, there are lots of those around the halls). I admit, I rebelled a bit. I would not become one of those stuffy individuals walking around like I was important. No one is important, everyone is disposable in that world. Here I am, not stuffy by any means, but I needed a place to put my things for when I go to meetings. Of course, I must have one with a zipper or I would be that girl standing up to leave and drop my papers all over the floor. The other feature important to me — I don’t want one that everyone else has. The green suited me just well. Its made by Pierre Belvedere, but I ordered it from Amazon for $36.95 and it was here in two days!

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Typography Decor

August 8, 2012 in Products, Typography

Typography. When done well — it really does make the design. I love the intricacies of the letters and how they are formed. If you have an eye for it, then you would understand my love. I found this poster online done by Julian Hansen. It is offset printed on 80# Uncoated Black Stock with silver metallic ink. I love the concept behind it and felt it was very appropriate for my office. If you want to pick one of these up you can go to the Felt & Wire Shop’s online store.

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Stroll In the park!

August 8, 2012 in Life, Pets

Aunt Kelsie always takes Arria for hikes through McKegs Nature Center in King of Prussia close to where we grew up as kids. Arria absolutely loves it there and theirs pictures to prove it!


FedEx is here — Presents!

August 7, 2012 in Products

I love ordering myself presents and forgetting that I placed the order. Its like Christmas in the Summer :)

Last week Ryan and I were browing MicroCenter for things I’m sure we don’t need — as always. While he was looking in the geeky section, I decided I needed a new laptop bag. After searching high and low I found a bag I really liked, but wasn’t willing to spend the dough. $89 dollars is a little much for a brand I never even heard of.

Later that day I remembered I really wanted this hot pink incase sling bag. I googled for an incase coupon code and sure enough — wah la!  I ordered this bad boy with my 30% off coop. Not only is it really cute, but super functional. It has a place for my 15″ MacBook Pro, my iPad and all of my cables. My iPad even has the Logitech keyboard attached and it still fits! Speaking of Logitech keyboard — Best $80 ever spent. I dont have to lug around a blue tooth keyboard. It hold the iPad up right when you are using it and travel is super simple; it snaps right on my iPad and protects the screen. How can you go wrong?

nicole dana, graphic design, products, incasenicole dana, graphic design, products, incasenicole dana, graphic design, products, incase

Paper Queen

August 3, 2012 in 360 Design, Package Design, Stationery

I just got my swatch books of paper in the mail yesterday from my new paper peeps. Uggh. I’m in love. Thanks to my good friend Chris Garofalo over at Quiltface Studios hooking me up with the connection. I can’t thank him enough! They have some really beautiful colors and excellent paper weights. The paper weight has been key for me – Muscletone is the shit and is very much who I am. I have been searching for a heavy enough stock to handle my candle table lanterns as well as my favor boxes… and Wah-La!

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Earlier this month I invested in some new embossing stamps for the Paper Roo Co. As always, I hit up the store for a specific thing and what happens? I walk out slowly, holding up others behind me, while I review the receipt in my hand trying to figure out what the hell I just purchased — 4 hours later and $200 in the hole — I never actually buy find what I initially went there for, doh! On the flip side, there is a ri-donk-ulous amount of stamps to choose from — I just could not decide which ones to get. Organic whimsical themes are really trending this year in the stationery world. I found these really intricate bird and butterfly stamps that fit that earthy feel very well. Of course, I couldn’t pass up the “True love Forever Together” stamp. I absolutely love that warn stamped look.

Paper roo, nicole dana, design, stationery, stamps