Perfect Brew. Breville Tea Pot.

December 31, 2012 in Products

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Breville One-Touch Tea Pot

Lets talk about a really cool product. Not only is it cool, but I own one – thanks to my love. The Breville One-Touch Tea Pot, which of course you can buy on the ever famous and fabulous, is just that – amazing. My new office is lacking in ways to make a proper cup of tea, which is why one of these cool revolutionary pots fell into my hands! One of my biggest pet peeves in the tea making process was the temperature, which I could never get right, and the time. Who has the time to watch a clock? With my busy schedule at work, I really don’t have the time to babysit time. The Breville Pot does it all for you. Program the temperature for tea and how long you would like it to steep. The pot does the rest. The fully automated tea basket moves down, then up, gently agitating the leaves to infuse your tea. Different types of teas very, such as Black and Green tea. Each type of tea requires the exact water temperature and brew time to allow the flavors to develop properly. Sounds ridiculous, but once you taste a cup of tea that has been brewed properly, you will gain a whole new respect. The Breville is fully programmable for all types of teas, water temperature, and time. Having the moving tea basket allows the water to circulate freely to achieve proper infusion of the tea leaves. Of course, this product comes with a hefty price tag of $250, but I have to say it was worth every penny if you love to drink tea!