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October 5, 2012 in 360 Design

I was so honored when I was asked to design a logo for The Wall Cycling Studio, Manayunk’s first premier indoor cycling studio, earlier this year. Owner, Julie Sabella, is solely dedicated to her customers — classes taught by the best instructors and a place to go and relax while getting a fabulous workout. Her vision — to give her clients that small mom and pop hometown feel where you are always treated like a VIP the moment you walk in the door.

Together, Julie and I,The Wall Spin Studio, Manayunk, Pennsylvania, Apparel, Spin, Limited, Exculsive, PA, Philadelphia have spent many hours discussing her over all vision as well as the future for The Wall. The logo was my first hurdle. Honestly, I cant even say it was a hurdle. Every designer gets a bit nervous at the start of a project. Am I going to deliver exactly what the client is looking for? At the end of the day, I can love what I do, but if the client doesn’t — its back to the drawing board. Without hesitation, I felt the right direction and got to work. Months later, the client and I are both overwhelmed with compliments and the push for cycling apparel.

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With such a demand for apparel,The Wall has partnered with me to create a limited line of gear that will be sold in select stores as well as through our up coming website. We have taken a different approach to the apparel industry — We are not interested in mass producing our gear. The gear is made in limited quantities and unique to the industry. We want to be known for our designs and who we are. Thus seventy6east was born. There is a certain pride and excitement that comes when I see someone wearing my gear. We want that to shine through our customers and supporters.

Next Saturday, October 13 we will be premiering our first line of seventy6east tees at The Wall Cycling Studio — Manayunk PA Levering Street. *There is a very limited supply of shirts for purchase. Check us out and watch for the launch of our website.

Nicole Dana

Owner, seventy6east