Paper Queen

August 3, 2012 in 360 Design, Package Design, Stationery

I just got my swatch books of paper in the mail yesterday from my new paper peeps. Uggh. I’m in love. Thanks to my good friend Chris Garofalo over at Quiltface Studios hooking me up with the connection. I can’t thank him enough! They have some really beautiful colors and excellent paper weights. The paper weight has been key for me – Muscletone is the shit and is very much who I am. I have been searching for a heavy enough stock to handle my candle table lanterns as well as my favor boxes… and Wah-La!

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Earlier this month I invested in some new embossing stamps for the Paper Roo Co. As always, I hit up the store for a specific thing and what happens? I walk out slowly, holding up others behind me, while I review the receipt in my hand trying to figure out what the hell I just purchased — 4 hours later and $200 in the hole — I never actually buy find what I initially went there for, doh! On the flip side, there is a ri-donk-ulous amount of stamps to choose from — I just could not decide which ones to get. Organic whimsical themes are really trending this year in the stationery world. I found these really intricate bird and butterfly stamps that fit that earthy feel very well. Of course, I couldn’t pass up the “True love Forever Together” stamp. I absolutely love that warn stamped look.

Paper roo, nicole dana, design, stationery, stamps